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'Mon Ange' by Gregory Lemarchal

'Mon Ange' by Gregory Lemarchal

'Tout me revient
Tout me ramène
Tout me retient
Tout me rappelle
A ton corps et à tes mains
A tes mots et à ton parfum

Tout se rejoint
Et tout m'entraîne
Tout me détient
Le tout sans chaîne
Et à tes gestes et à tes yeux
A tes silences et à tes voeux
Tu es mon ange béni des dieux

Le jour où tu es tombé du ciel
Tout m'a semblé plus léger
Et je me sens pousser des ailes
Accroché à tes baisers

Tout me destine
Tout me soulève
Tout me dessine
Et tout m'élève
A tes lèvres, à tes désirs
A tes rêves et à tes soupirs

Tout me rapproche
Tout me connecte
Et tout m'accroche
Car je délecte
Ta poésie à même ta peau
Tes jeux d'esprits si délicieux
Tu es mon ange béni des dieux

Le jour où tu es tombé du ciel
L'amour a changé ma vie
Tu es mon ange providentiel
Je t'aimerai jour et nuit

Le jour où tu es tombé du ciel
J'ai enfin compris qui j'étais
Tu es mon ange providentiel
Celle dont j'ai toujours rêvé

Mon ange est tombé du ciel
Le monde enfin se révèle
Tout m'a semblé plus léger
J'ai trouvé ma vérité

Comme envoyé par le ciel
Touché par tes baisers de miel
Enfin libéré
Prêt à tout te donner

Je remercierai le ciel
A chaque lever du soleil
De t'avoir mis dans mes bras
Moi qui n'attendait que toi

Comme envoyé par le ciel
Tous les matins m'émerveillent
Mon bel ange depuis que tu es là'

I have translated this into English but as always, my translation is awkward and it fails to capture the grace of the original. Nonethess, I hope it will convey enough of the beauty of this song.

'All things bring me back,
All things restore me,
All things hold me here,
All things call me
To your body and your hands
To your words and to your perfume.

All things rejoin me,
And all things follow me;
All things detain me,
All without chains,
Through your gestures and your eyes,
Your silences and your voice.
You are my angel blessed of the gods.

The day when you fell from the heavens,
All seemed lighter,
and I felt I was pushed by wings
To be caught in your kisses.

All destines me,
All lifts me up,
All fashions me
To your lips, your desires,
Your dreams and your sighs.

All things bring me closer,
All things connect me,
And all things catch me
Because I delight:
Poetry and your skin are the same,
Your joy of spirit so delicious!
You are my angel blessed of the gods.

The day when you fell from the heavens,
Love changed my life.
You are my angel of providence.
I will love you day and night.

The day when you fell from the heavens
I finally understood who I was:
You are my angel of providence
Of whom I dream always.

My angel has fallen from the heavens:
The world finally reveals itself.
All seems lighter:
I have found my Truth.

As though sent by heaven,
Touched by kisses of honey,
Finally liberated,
Ready for all that you give.

I give thanks to heaven
At each rising of the sun
To have staked my life in your arms:
Me who never awaited any one but you.

As if sent by heaven
All the mornings fill me with wonder
My beautiful angel ...
after which you are there.'

Gregory Lemarchal is dead now. Many say he has the 'voice of an angel', not only because of his sweetness but because he died at a young age, before cynicism or the weight of disappointment and disillusionment could touch his soul. I would like to imagine, though, that he would be happy to know that there are those here who believe most firmly that through love, the grace of an angel can touch a human soul to transform life irrevocably. There are those who continue to believe in the ultimate miracle of love because, however rare it may be, it does exist on this planet and in this world of ours.

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